Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dont forget the wee ones on Valentines day !!

 Just cos I'm wee doesn't mean I don't have a big heart.......

" Little bird BIG  heart"

Im working like mad filling up my new Etsy shop with originals this month so please visit from time to time if you should so wish!
Iv  suddenly got a lot of requests for artwork which I'm so happy about, some for paintings of all sizes  some from galleries for bigger work some for textiles.All this makes me very happy. I'm also putting the finishing work on the illustrations of a children's book too so busy days ahead for me... but that's how I like it to be after all I could be doing this full time soon.
Next month I shall be starting work on a whole new portfolio of designs to be launched at Brand Licensing in London in October. I may, if  all goes well be posting little tasters of work from time to time.. its going to be a busy year so please stick with me for the journey..